Opinions are like entrails...everybody's got 'em!

From another fabulous internet meme, I bring you Opinions and Entrails!
It reads: "When I want your opinion/I'll read it in your entrails." It comes complete with a carrion-hungry crow to stitch, too. Show your dark humor with this twisted and funny pattern!

This pattern measures 11 by 11 inches and would make a very fun pillow or wall hanging when it's finished. The stitches are 198 x 198 and this is on 18 count cross stitch fabric. You can do this on a smaller count of fabric but that will increase the size of your stitching area, just FYI.

Copyright 2019 Demon Monkey Craft/R. Martz-Burley

Opinions and Entrails with Crow, a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PATTERN for cross stitch


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