Ohhh he looks so happy and creepy, and he only has eyes for you! This was a pattern I was going to use in my book Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread but chose not to. After some thought and two years later I've decided to release it as its own pattern. I hope you enjoy!

When this grinning ghoul is finished, it will fill an 8 x 10-inch frame. You need 14-count Aida fabric of a color of your choice. I used the oatmeal-colored fabric and 815 Garnet DMC floss, to give it a "dried blood" feel. Make sure you cut the fabric larger than 8 x 10 inch so you have plenty of room for your finished piece to fit a frame. And as always, feel free to shoot me questions if you get stuck for any reason. 

Necromantic, Digital Pattern


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