Belial: A fallen angel from Milton's "Paradise Lost"; another name for the Devil; also, means 'worthless', 'good for nothing', 'without benefit'. "a demon mentioned frequently in apocalyptic literature: identified in the Christian tradition with the devil or Satan" (via

This digital pattern is for 22 count cross stitch fabric of your color choice! I have it charted with a very dark grey DMC floss on an oatmeal colored fabric but it is up to you to pick whatever you feel looks best! This is a big one: 14 inches wide and 11 inches long when finished! The stitching area is 293 x 215". You will receive a 12 page PDF with one page of information. The first person who finishes this piece and provides me a clear and awesome photograph of a framed, finished piece gets a refund!

Information on the original woodcut: DEMONS - BELIAL - HELL The demon Belial standing in front of the Jaws of Hell, holding some sort of consultation with the communitate dyabolica, or demonic fraternity. Woodcut from Jacobus de Teramo, Das Buch Belial [Hie hebt sich an das Buch Belial genant], 1473.

Belial, Biblical Demon Pattern


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