Happy Holidays!

Merry Everything, as one of my dear friends likes to say every December. I hope you are all warm and safe in your hovels this fine evening!

Thank you for such an amazing year. In April I saw the fruition of two years of hard work come true in the form of the publication of Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread. And it was only through the support of my family, my model stitchers, the publishers and all my friends that this book made it to the presses. It was a lot of hard work and persistence, but it paid off! Thank you all for sticking with me. The rest of the year has been a blur of book stuff, pattern stuff and MORE STUFF!

So what's new? I am adding new patterns and other odds & ends to my shop lately. Also right now I'm offering free domestic shipping on anything in my Etsy store, including The Book of the Thread. For another $5, you can get your item gift wrapped and sent off to your gift recipient!

But HURRY! We need to get your items out soon before we run out of time! We've got about a week to go before packages arrive too late! So head on over to Etsy now and grab some books or whatever floats your boats, upgrade for the wrapping paper and I'll do the rest! Easy!

And have a very Merry Everything!

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