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It's here, it's time!

The book is real! Did you doubt, my dears? I wasn't lyin'! The book is coming, oh such sweet joy! I've been working hard for about a month to bring you something bigger and better! I knew that I could do more, but I had to push myself to do a lot better and to think bigger. And this is the fruit of that labor.

I already wrote a page of acknowledgments for the book but I cannot stress enough that this book would not be coming to your sweet little hands without the help of Jamie "Mr. X" Chalmers, my friend and mentor, the publishers at Source Point Press, and all the model stitchers who were my test subjects and volunteers for this project. Also my illustrator who is also one of my best friends, Teri Heidemeyer. She is so talented at

drawing and so supportive. So please, take a look at this video and stay tuned! Tomorrow I'll release the link for the Kickstarter and you can pre-order your copy of the book there! It's going to be so freakin' amazing, you will love it. It will be worth the wait, I PROMISE!


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Rebecca (Bex) Martz-Burley


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