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Progress! and mini-Cabins

I'm moving forward! Designs are finished and in the process of being stitched right now. I'm stitching my share right now while my volunteers do theirs. They are looking fantastic! I've also started the content of the book itself. I have to say I've missed writing! It takes some work to get back into it and I am guilty of putting in unnecessary prepositional phrases in my writing. That's what editing is for, right?

Moving on...I keep seeing people who are making models of the Evil Dead cabin. I think that's Groovy. And out there in the interwebz these people come across photos of one of my old works, Home Sweet Home. (You can see this in the slideshow on my home page.) They shrink it down and put it in a little frame and stick it to the wall of the cabin next to the front door. So my little piece of needlework is (sort-of) famous, I just wish my name could be attached to it some how. But, that is the nature of the internet. People see your work, love it, copy it, paste it, take it, manipulate it, steal it, rip it out, make it and sell it or give it away. You lose control of your work the minute it's posted online. Some times it is pretty harmless, like with these little model cabins. But, sometimes you lose money. When people go online and grab images of patterns to stitch for themselves instead of coming to you to buy the pattern, or when they stitch it up and sell it for a profit, that takes money from the designer. But regardless of all that, I thought you might want to see some photos of one of these cabins. It is nicely done. If only I had the time and patience...

Pretty nifty. However that's all I have time for now! I hope everyone stays thawed and safe. We have a long way to go in Colorado before we can say we are any where near spring. I best get moving on things so I have more things to report a helluva lot sooner!


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