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Updates galore!

Hello! I am sorry for the lack of updates. My goal is to update this blog at least once a week. I can do it!

I've been busy all year with a new project! I am working on a book of patterns for all my fellow horror-philes. Although the cross stitching world is producing more modern cross stitch patterns, there is a real lack of the spooky/horror/thriller genre in patterns. My goal is to help fill that need and want for my fans and other horror loving, crafty folks!

I am also working on art pieces to display and sell locally. As soon as I start bringing items to the store, I will let you know all the details! I'm very excited for this unique and amazing opportunity to get my Demon Monkey Craft pieces out to the public.

Here is a progress photo of the piece I'm working on now for the bookstore. I hope to have it done and framed this weekend! Wish me luck!



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