After I finished a couple commissioned pieces, I really wanted to try something different. My dog Zelda left us for an animal sanctuary so she can learn proper doggy manners and therefore lessen her anxiety around other dogs. The poor dear was a starving stray when she was found. She also had had a litter not long before either but they didn't find any puppies. She was never properly socialized and that's what we needed to fix with her. So she's at "school" and I miss the heck out of her!

Since her fur has so many colors, I just kept layering threads on top of an outline that I drew from a picture. This is the first time I've tried this and I learned a lot! The next time I do a piece like this, I think it will turn out much better. But my toddler just has to look at it and she knows exactly who it is, so I must have done some things right!

So here is my Zelda dog, we will see her in a few more months when she moves back in with us! Thanks for stopping by!

PS: The white stuff all over her face is from her trying to get some ice cream off the dinner table. :)

#dogs #embroidery #arttherapy


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