Nosferatu pattern available

I've released a pattern from my new line of horror icons, the Nosferatu cross stitch. He's available in my Etsy shop, which you can access from this site! I plan to put out a few more patterns and hopefully create an E-book of patterns soon. I also plan to do a few kits here and there.

Nosferatu is a pretty easy piece to stitch. Keep in mind all patterns are counted cross stitch. If you are new to the stitching world, there are many awesome online tutorials to get you started. Perhaps I will create my own down the road for this site. Until then, to start any counted cross stitch design, you find the center of the pattern. Patterns will usually have arrows on the sides of the grid, pointing towards the center. Where they meet is the center. Take the appropriate sized fabric, fold into fourths and you will have a "center" of the folds. Begin the pattern there and work your way out. To understand various types of stitches, here is a good site to get you started. Nosferatu only consists of one color of thread and one kind of stitch. If you want to get creative, choose your own combination of fabric and thread colors!

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