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Fall is a great time for the lovers of all that is spooky and horrific. All the movies on television are geared to us, those who enjoy the thrills and scares. Since I trend towards the horror genre for my works, fall can be a great inspiration for new designs. I put together some old school horror as well as some historical creepiness. So it's like my horror chick self met up with my nerdy side!

Here is my portrait of Bela Lugosi as "Dracula." I didn't feel a plain frame would do him justice so I put him into a pillow. I never made a pillow before and I think he turned out pretty good!

I haven't decided what to do with him so I'll just keep him for now. All that black work was a real pain to stitch so I am contemplating just sellng the pattern. We will see!

While trying to figure out my next pattern, I started thinking about woodcuts, like those masterfully created by Albrecht Duhr. I remembered something creepy and weird from the time of the plagues, aka the Black Death. During the 1300s, people attending to the sick (many not medically trained) wore suits and masks to "filter" out their breathing air. At this time diseases were believed to be airborne only. The masks were almost as scary as the disease. Imagine that as the last thing you see!

Another historic person synonimus with terror is Edgar Allen Poe, one of my favorite authors and poets. I used to sit and read his poems to my dog when I was a kid. Yeah, I know. I was a dork, but he's still a great read.

The final work I did this fall was during my Hellraiser kick. Pinhead is one of the characters that scares the crap out of me. It's the eyes, it's the voice, the hooks and those PINS. So I had to attempt an interpretation of him. Here is what I came up with, I hope you like it. It has such sights to show you.

Thanks for checking in with me and for supporting me. This part of my life is extremely fun for me as well as therapuetic. I need this outlet for all the energy and grief I have right now. What better way to escape than this!

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